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Anti-Bacterial Socks

The most comfortable socks in the world.


- Soft and Comfortable to Wear
- Effective and Long Lasting
- Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal
- Re-usable and Washable
- Non-Irritating and Non-Binding
- Superior Moisture Wicking


Comfort-Mate Anti-Bacteria Socks– Comfortable, long lasting & De-odor

  • Manufactured by antibacterial cotton of the world patented Bio-Kil medical grade bacteria elimination technology and DuPont Lycra fiber.
  • Excellent comfortable, breathability, no Lehen, non-tension and not loose.
  • Protecting your feet, preventing infection and safely wear it without emitting off an offensive odor.


The Anti-Bacteria Sock with Bio-Kil treatment is under the strict quality control.

Itchy and scratchy annoying feeling on skin has troubled most of people when they have fungi infection or athletic foot.  The Anti-Bacteria Socks are composed of 90 percent cotton, 5 percent Lycra, and 5 percent spandex and made of Anti-Bacteria formula combined fiber cloth, and with the basic and general advantages such as soft, comfortable, non-irritating, non-binding, and superior moisture wicking…etc.  The Anti-Bacteria Sock is researched to eliminate the fungi family.  In our lab test, fungi are instantly killed by contact withAnti-Bacteria bonding layer.  The effect is obvious, efficient and long lasting.  The bad smell which caused by the fungus is also disappeared.

Further to the powerful strength of bacteria killing, all Anti-Bacteria Socks are produced under the strict quality control and ISO 9001 quality regulations. The highest quality is guaranteed.

The patented logo Bio-Kil is our commitment to highest quality needs of our honorable customers. We treasure the making of each and every product that come with Bio-Kil and Cargico commits your satisfaction as our primary goal.


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