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Anti-Bacterial Mask

Bio-Kil Anti-bacterial Mask - Washable / Cotton

This mask is made of fiber cloth and treated with .

Conventional masks currently available in the market, only filter out but not eradicate bacteria and viruses that deposited on the masks through air. It is the possible risk of infection through careless contact with those harmful pathogens remained on the surface of the untreated masks.

With treated masks, those harmful pathogens will be eliminated immediately upon physical contact with the mask, as proven in numerous studies both in laboratory and the filed experiments. One of the compounds used in the treatment has been proven efective to eradicate non-pathogenic H7N2 avian influenza virus, Coronavirus and other types of viruses.

 eliminates microorganism through physically destroying the microorganism’s cell membrane and envelope protein. It obviates the possibility of bacterial and viral mutations. has been awarded at 2010 Concours Lepine International Paris, International Exhibition of Invention at Geneva and atNurnberg in 2002.

Through covalent bonding,will be affixed andremained on the surface of the mask for the life of the mask. This mask can be washed up to 50 times and proven to still maintain 90% of its ability to eradicate harmful pathogens.

Antibacterial Masks are produced under strict quality control processes in conformance with ISO 9001 quality regulations to ensure consistency and safety for the user. There are no side effects known and is environmentally friendly.

Size: L, M and S


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